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Behind the Brand

Akia Nicole is an independent slow fashion label for the fashionable traveler. 

Every piece that you see is designed and made to order by me, Akia in my studio in Atlanta, GA.

The made to order process allows me to run a more sustainable brand by reducing overproduction and excess inventory.

More importantly it allows me to create a quality piece just for you that you'll love for years to come.

Read more about this process below.



Hey Queen! I'm so glad that you're here. My name is Akia and I’m the Founder and Designer of Akia Nicole.

 Like many women, I have struggled with body insecurities throughout my life. One of the things that has helped me to overcome those feelings is fashion.

I truly believe that when you look good you feel good, and I wanted to find a way to help other women feel beautiful. 

As I thought about creating a brand, I desired to create something that would allow me to encourage women while infusing my love for fashion and travel. This journey has led me to create Akia Nicole.

My mission is to create quality and one of a kind pieces to help women like you feel confident and beautiful while vacationing or wherever life may take you. ♡